Peppa Pig loving parrot has themed birthday party and ‘oinks’ to theme song

Peppa Pig loving parrot has themed birthday party and ‘oinks’ to theme song

A Peppa Pig loving parrot was thrown a birthday party themed around the children’s show and oinked along to the theme song when his owner played it.

Mr Mojo is an African grey parrot and there is nothing he loves more than watching Peppa Pig, and will while away hours staring at the TV whenever the show is on.

His owner, Zoey Atkinson, 24, wanted to throw a birthday party for the bird, who has the ‘IQ of a five-year-old’, and it didn’t take long for her to come up with a theme.

She planned the whole day around Mr Mojo’s favourite TV show, complete with Peppa Pig toys and a cake made to look like the character, and she played the theme song for the bird to oink along to.

The administration manager from Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire, said: “Parrots need a lot of mental stimulation, so whenever we’re here, we’ll just pop the TV on – usually to a kid’s channel.

“I read online that parrots roughly have the mental abilities of a five-year-old, so that’s why we started putting on kids’ TV for him.

“We noticed he was paying really close attention to Peppa Pig, and he would do the ‘oink’ along with it. He’d even do it during the theme song.

“Peppa Pig is on Netflix now, so sometimes we’ll just keep it on all day. He’ll watch it for hours and hours. Me and my family don’t mind it now, we’ve grown to love it.”

When Mr Mojo’s first birthday came around on April 24, Zoey took the opportunity to throw her parrot a Peppa-themed birthday party.

Zoey said: “I loved organising it. We got him personalised birthday banners to put up in the kitchen. Covered the table in Peppa Pig tablecloth and plates.

“There’s so much Peppa Pig stuff out there, it was really easy to bring it all together. We even got him personalised party boxes. Because of COVID, we used those to take pieces of the cake round to our friends.

“We even got him some presents. His favourite was a set of wooden Peppa Pig toys which he has now chewed his way through. That’s no surprise, he loves to chew anything wooden.

“It was a small birthday party – just me, my mum and my dad. We have birthday parties for all of our pets. Mr Mojo liked his birthday party. He is a bird though, so obviously when he took off flying, the cups and cards went flying everywhere.”

Zoey believes she would have hosted this party regardless of whether or not a lockdown was in effect.

Zoey said: “I would have done this either way. My thought with pets is that I have them to spoil them.

“It was his first birthday and I wanted to make it special for him. It was so fun getting everything personalised. He loved the attention – and he loved his birthday card because he could rip it up.”

For Mr Mojo’s next birthday, Zoey is considering another Peppa party, but is also open to incorporating another staple show of his – Cbeebies’ beloved series ‘In The Night Garden’.