Woman uninvited from wedding for not letting her sister honeymoon in her house

Woman uninvited from wedding for not letting her sister honeymoon in her house

It’s fair to say that the pandemic has messed up a hell of a lot of peoples’ plans, particularly when it comes to weddings.

While ceremonies with a limited number of people are officially back on in many parts of the world, lots of newlyweds are being forced to celebrate their union in their native countries, rather than flying overseas for exotic honeymoons.

However, when one couple opted to vacay in what they believed to be their family holiday home, things got a little complicated.

“My house used to belong to my parents, But they sold it to me in 2017. It had been a family vacation home of sorts. Every couple years when my grandparents were alive they’d invite us kids up there for a week,” an anonymous Reddit user explained on the Am I The A**hole forum

“Fast forward to the end of 2016. My sister got accepted to her dream college. Everyone was excited and proud of her, me too. But a week after that my parents called asking if I’d found a house yet. I’d been saving up since I started my first job at 20. I said no so my dad suggested I buy the lake house from them.”

When the woman asked her parents why they were keen to her sell them the lake house, she discovered that her sister hadn’t received a scholarship like she’d planned, and didn’t have any savings either. She added that their parents also didn’t want her to ruin her credit by taking out student loans.

“So their solution was to sell the lake house and use the money from that to finance her college,” she explained. “I had lots of good memories from the lake house so eventually I agreed. I work via computer so after getting a good internet connection out there I moved right in, and been there since. My girlfriend moved in permanently last year before lockdown and it’s been pretty blissful.”

Before the pandemic, the sister got engaged to her collage boyfriend, and their parents agreed to pay for the wedding, but unfortunately, like many other events, it got pushed back and is due to take place in December. However, things got a little complicated when the sister thought she’d be well within her rights to stay at her family’s former lake house for her honeymoon.

“My sis asked where I was going to stay for the two weeks after her wedding. Puzzled I answered my house? She got a sour look and said that wouldn’t work, her and fiancé would be there and they wanted private time,” she explained.

“I asked why they’d be at my house and she said that’s where they were having their honeymoon. Two weeks alone at a lake house. I said that was news to me. She insisted our parents said it was fine. But I said it wasn’t their place to make decisions about my house.”

Unsurprisingly, the conversation escalated into an argument, with the woman saying she didn’t want the sister and her hubby “christening their new union by f***ing in my house.”

The sister called their parents who told the woman she were being “gross and selfish.” So, when she put her foot down about not letting the newlyweds have her home, she told she was no longer part of the bridal party and was even uninvited from the wedding.

“She started crying, saying she already couldn’t have her dream wedding like she wanted and now I was trying to ruin her honeymoon too,” she added. “I told her to rent a hotel room like every other newlywed couple then hung up.”

The post was quickly inundated with comments from Reddit users who were horrified by the seemingly preferential treatment the sister was receiving from the parents.

However, the plot thickened when the sister came back to explain that after various comments from Redditors, they questioned the sister on whether she knew the house actually belonged to her sibling and she did not.

“She was under the impression from our parents that they were letting me live there rent free. I corrected her and even showed her proof that they sold the house to me,” she added.

“And when she asked why they sold it I was honest and said it was to pay for her college tuition/lifestyle. She became quiet after that and we soon hung up.”

It’s unclear whether the siblings managed to resolve anything after the revelation – but it seems like the parents have got a lot of explaining to do.