Woman refuses to cook for bereaved friend after he criticised her cooking

Woman refuses to cook for bereaved friend after he criticised her cooking

A woman has refused to cook for her husband’s friend whose wife died of cancer after he criticised her cooking – and gave her tips on how to do it ‘right’, like his late wife.

Sharing her story anonymously, the woman said the man, named Dale, was heartbroken after his loss and so she offered to cook meals for him to help him through the difficult time.

It soon escalated and she found herself cooking up to five meals a week for Dale, and things went from bad to worse when he started to complain.

Soon, he was giving the woman tips on how she could improve her cooking – texting her to explain how his late wife would prepare the meals, and how she could make hers better.

Sharing her story on Reddit, the woman said: “Dale would send me texts or emails thanking me for the meals I send him but at the same time kept sending suggestions and new ways to ‘improve’ my cooking.

“Like how his wife made X meal more crispy or how X meal should have more sauce. I gotta say, I started feeling irritated especially since Dale kept texting all the time and even when I don’t respond he’d text my husband who asks me to please be more patient since this is a phase and will pass.”

But it wasn’t a phase, and Dale became even bolder and sent the woman a text asking her to cook a meal for him – and the guests of a dinner party he was throwing.

She said this was a step to far so she didn’t respond, and when he pushed she said she would never cook for him again.

She continued: “My husband said I put Dale in an awkward position and should apologize and clear the air but I told him that I’m no longer cooking for his friend. Not even weekly meals.

“My husband said I overreacted and was being insensitive towards his widowed friend and should have had more grace because his friend is struggling himself in this hard time.”

The woman shared her story on Reddit asking for advice, and soon thousands of internet users had commented their opinion on the matter.

One person wrote: “Texting you at work to cook for his friend’s friends? That’s nuts.

“If someone needs to cook for his friend, your husband can always do the cooking, especially if you are working. You don’t have any magic skills in the kitchen that he can’t develop if he thinks it is important that someone from your family cook for his friend.”

“If your husband thinks this cooking is no big deal, he can do it. If it is too big of a deal for him, it is too big of a deal for you.”

While a second person added: “Your problem is not Dale but your husband. Theoretically, it’s nice that he wants to be there for his friend in a hard time. But it seems he is very inconsiderate towards you and your time.”

And a third added: “Dale’s a jerk but the real problem here is your supreme a*e husband. Maybe you should divorce him and then he can move in with Dale – they can learn to cook together.”